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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Big Shopper - Another Shingo Cartoon

Here's another cartoon for the people over at the Shingo Institute. Not available for re-use.

I always like seeing how a project evolves, so here's how it originally was. The changes in the top version were requested to better communicate the message that the company is trying to teach.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Shingo Cartoons

I've been hired by the Shingo Institute to do a series of original cartoons for their instructional, promotional, and supplementary materials. They teach seminars and provide material related to efficiency inside a business. The cartoons will highlight pitfalls that Shingo is teaching companies to avoid, but in a humorous, relatable way. These cartoons are unavailable for use by anyone other than the Shingo Institute. More to come!

If you have a similar project in mind and would like to do something like this for your company, send me an email! thedeepend.comic@gmail.com

Initial character sketches. That isn't going to be the title, I just wanted to slap something else onto the page.

Color study for the main character.

This may be the first ever comic STRIP that I've done!