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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another one! (Handicapped Parking)

Lions. Just finished inking this one. It will probably be in the paper on Friday.

I did this one for an Economics class. Not hilarious, but I whipped it out in an hour to help me get a good grade on a presentation. It worked. :)

First comic! (Hat Hair) Set to appear on 2/2/2011 in the Utah Statesman.

"The Deep End"

Ok, well this Wednesday my comics will start appearing in the Utah Statesman! A couple of people who don't get the Statesman have asked me how they will be able to see them so I decided it would be easiest to start up a blog. Here I will be posting my comics as well as updates about how things are going. We'll see how this works. Any suggestions are welcome.

-Tyson Cole