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Saturday, August 10, 2013

White people love Wayne Brady

My wife took me to see Wayne Brady perform in Layton, Utah for an early birthday present, and it was amazing. He was, as always, absolutely hilarious. His improv skills are ridiculously sharp, and his ability to make up funny songs on the fly is unparalleled. First he sang a hip hop song about how he hates the date, and he had to throw in words suggested by the audience (SAT level words - like indubitably and eccentric). It was pure brilliance. He went on to do other games like props (introducing a new military transport vehicle called 'The Porcupine') and sound effects (getting ready for the Prison Prom, haha). He adapted the games so that he could do them alone with the assistance of some volunteers from the audience. In one game, he was a salesman selling rabid squirrels to a housewife (who happened to be a crazy community theater lady that tried to steal the show from him and failed miserably. "Ok, be a housewife." *Does the robot* Everybody: Whaa???)  

He answered questions that people had previously written down, and one of the ones that he answered was mine! He called my name and I stood up as he read my question. It was kind of a lame generic question about how he feels about Whose Line being back on the air (stoked, naturally), but after my question I added on an "I love you man!" and he said "I love you too man!" I may just be a nerdy fan, but Whose Line got me through some depressing times in my early college days right after I moved out. Wayne, Colin and Ryan never failed to cheer me up, and I'll always be grateful to them for that. 

The audience had also written down name suggestions for songs that he'd have to make up on the spot, so we were treated to some great songs about stuff like Justin Bieber's toothless 90-year old girlfriend, and we followed Wayne as he searched for his Dad in the audience, which he finally found! (one of the few black guys in attendance). The audience demanded an encore, so he came out and picked another song title. It turned out to be the instantly classic "Sexual Wednesday" (set to the tune of, what else, Sexual Healing). 

Overall, it was an extremely entertaining night provided by a fantastic entertainer who is way more humble than you would expect someone so talented to be. If you ever get the chance to see him work his magic, don't miss it. 

Overly Polite (or Passive Aggressive) Waiter